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Oil Change Service

The MOST important maintenance service – The Oil Change!

At some point in time we have all been instructed to change the oil in our cars every 3,000 miles. Changing the fluids on any vehicle is needed and is required to ensure that the vehicle will operate for a reasonable period of time. Every manufacturer has a recommended interval for this service. Be sure to check the owners manual and select the driving conditions to see when your vehicle is due.

The Oil Change Service includes more then just a drain, refill and replacement of the engine oil filter. Most manufacturers recommend the engine oil and filter to be changed and a vehicle inspection to be performed. This inspection is designed to identify any potential problems that have developed since the last oil change. The condition of your vehicle can change rapidly and a trained technician will be able identify any issues before it develops into a mechanical breakdown!

The Oil Change Service should include a test drive, exterior light and wiper inspection, brake system inspection, suspension and steering inspection with the wheels off the ground, (can’t get that at the quick lube shops), under hood inspection of fluids, belts, hoses and filters, under vehicle inspection of fluids and exhaust system, and of course lubricating the chassis and steering points. Using a quality oil filter is very important to the life of the engine. Just think of the oil filter as screen that traps the particulates and dirt to protect the engine. The better the quality of filter, the more filtering capacity it has! Don’t get the cheap filter and risk engine damage! Using quality engine oil of the right SAE type and API rating will keep your engine protected and clean inside.

Maintenance Reminders – Oil Change Intervals

New vehicles just seem to be getting smarter and smarter all the time. Most new vehicles have a system that monitors the driving style, outside conditions and other sensors to determine the life of the engine oil and alert the driver when it is time to perform the Oil Change Service. Many of these manufacturers have indicated that the quality of engine oils and the quality of materials used in the engine allow for extending the oil change interval. So why is it when you go to the quick lube shop or the dealership, you get that little sticker that says “Next Oil Change” with the mileage set to 3,000 miles or 3 months? Well, as a society, we are so used to recommending oil changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months, we don’t like to change our ways very easily!

The Environment and Oil Changes

In the past, the automotive industry as a whole, were not concerned about the impact repairing cars had on the environment. Used oil was not properly disposed of and oil filters were thrown away in land fills. Today is a different story and we are pleased to be a “Green” shop. We properly dispose of the used engine oil and the filter, the shop floors are cleaned with a biodegradable soap to keep the oils from the storm drains, technicians use soy base hand cleaners and so much more! We now provide customer with an environmentally friendly Eco Ultra Engine Oil! This oil is re-refined from used engine oil that has been collected from repair facilities like ours. Eco Ultra is a Synthetic Blend oil that meets or exceeds current API ratings. According to Universal Lubricants, 1 barrel of collected used engine oil can yield as much usable engine oil has 50 barrels of crude oil! What an environmental savings that is! It even takes 85% less energy to refine that 1 barrel of used oil as it does one barrel of crude oil!

ECO Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil?

It seems like the most common question we are asked is whether to use Conventional engine oil or use Synthetic engine oil? First of all, we recommend to use the manufacturers recommended oil type. Next, we need to ask what is the current mileage on the engine? If your engine has 100,000 miles of wear, changing to Synthetic will not reverse that wear and tear. It will first help to clean the inside of the engine because synthetic oil has a higher detergent  level. When making a change to synthetic oil, be sure to request a high quality oil filter to trap all the build up that will be washed away. Using Synthetic engine oil early in an engines life can have the best effects on minimizing engine wear. Next time your in for your Oil Change Service, Ask if Synthetic Oil is right for your engine!


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