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Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Medford Oregon

Air Conditioning Service

“I feel way too hot inside my vehicle! My Air Conditioning is not working!”

“My Car is just way too hot inside and will not cool me down!” “I turn on my A/C but it just blows hot air on me!” As the temperature outside increases, our customers will start calling because the Air Conditioning in their car or truck will not cool them down. The Air Conditioning System in a vehicle is designed to remove BTU’s from the air and lower the temperature inside the vehicle to make you comfortable. If you find your self and others inside your vehicle uncomfortable, it may indicate the Air Conditioning System is not functioning correctly.

What should I do?

The Air Conditioning System in a vehicle has a big job to do. First, it needs to be able to cool and heat the inside of the vehicle. Next, it has to be able to direct the flow of air to the windshield to defrost, to the floor and to the panel vents. And last but not least the fan needs to be able to blow air at the desired volume. If any one of these functions are not working correctly, you and your passengers may not be comfortable. This would be a great time to call a shop and get your vehicle looked at by a trained automotive heating and air conditioning tech. They will be able to determine what is causing the system to not operate correctly.

Not so cool air blowing out?

The most common problem we see with a system that is just not able to cool down the inside of the car is a low charge. Every system has a total charge capacity and if there is a leak in the system, the charge amount will not be able to operate the system correctly. Leaks in the system come from a bad O-Ring seal, Service Port Fitting, Compressor, Hose, Evaporator or Condenser. UV Dye is commonly used to identify the location of the leak. Once the leak has been found, it can be fixed and the system recharged.

Major System failure?

When we talk about a major failure in a system, we commonly see a compressor that has seized up and the system has metal contamination. When this happens, the system needs to be carefully cleaned out and needed parts replaced. Most of the time, we will replace the Compressor, Condenser, Accumulator/Dryer and the Expansion Valve/Orifice Tube. When the system has been repaired correctly, you can look forward to many years of operation with out problems. Most shops will also provide a 2 Year/ 24,000 Mile Warranty.

If you still have questions:

Feel free to contact us and talk with a Service Advisor about your problem.

Medford Automotive Service Center, 4642 Table Rock Rd. 97502   541-664-3860

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Tuesday Tune-Up Tip, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip: Road Hazards

Todays Tuesday Tune-Up Tips is about road hazards and what you can do to not be a hazard on the road and how to avoid road hazards. In the simplest form, a road hazard is anyone or anything that is posing danger to you or others. We have all been aggravated by a reckless driver on the road and the root reason why they aggravate us is because they are being dangerous.  We want to do something to release our anger and in turn can become a road hazard ourselves. So lets talk about avoiding road hazards.

Recently our family drove from Medford, OR to Bakersfield, CA to visit family and attend church convention. Being  on the road for that many hours gives you plenty of time to see hazards and avoid them. The first one that we had to deal with was road construction. This is a hazard that you can’t always avoid but road construction will increase the possibility of a hazard. Keeping alert and aware of the flow of traffic slowing can help prevent an accident from developing. Watch out for the road crews working and always obey traffic control signs indicating speed and lane changes. Remember that traffic violation fines are increased when in a construction zone.

The next hazard that we encountered was dust blowing across the road from farm equipment working in the fields. Dust can block your vision worse than fog at night! Watching traffic ahead of you can give some fair warnings. Be prepared for panic stops and drivers who aren’t paying attention. Other hazards that we encountered was road debris on the road. Semi truck tire treads from blowouts and tread separations can be very dangerous! Large pieces of tire on the road can do some damage to your car but the worst part is having a vehicle that is out of control moving into your lane!  Having a reasonable safety zone between you and other vehicles on the road will give you more time to react to changing conditions. Now the next time you are driving down the road and passing a semi, don’t just hang out next to them, get past them! Also, be on the lookout for wildlife, they are out in the daytime as well as the night time.

Last but not least, you can prevent your vehicle from becoming a road hazard to others on the road. Routine Safety Inspections and Maintenance Services will prevent problems on the road. Remember that anything can happen on the road so if you feel like something is not normal when driving your vehicle, don’t just brush it off as nothing and hope that is goes away. Turn off the music, slow down and listen to your vehicle. Exit when safe and have a look around. If you can’t see anything wrong, don’t chance it, find a Service Center. Most Service Centers are happy to help a concerned traveling customer as well as their local customers.

We hope this information is helpful to you and with those that you share it with. If you have questions about your vehicle, feel free to contact one of our helpful Service Advisors at your convenience.

Medford Automotive Service Center
4642 Table Rock Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502


Tuesday Tune-Up Tip, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip: What does “Green” or “Eco-Friendly” mean?

As you may know April 22 was Earth Day. You probably heard an advertisement making the statement of  being “green” or having an “eco-friendly” product or service. You may have also heard about your carbon footprint and how to reduce your footprint. We are encouraged to reduce the use of non-renewable energy and recycling all waste. But how does this apply to your car or SUV?

The first thing that comes to mind is fuel economy. Obviously the more gas your vehicle uses, the more pollution goes into the atmosphere. So making sure your car or SUV is running at his best will minimize the fuel consumption. Did you know that low tire pressure can really lower the fuel efficiency of your vehicle? Keeping the tires properly inflated will reduce the rolling resistance of the tire on the road. If you are in need of new tires, ask your tire salesperson for the low rolling resistance, fuel efficient tire options. These tires have a low rolling resistance and can really pay for themselves over the life of the tire in fuel savings!

While we are talking about fuel efficiency, lets talk about how the fuel is sprayed into the engine. Each engine has fuel injectors that are controlled by the computer. Over time the injectors get dirty and the spray pattern doesn’t spray right, it kind of drizzles out. That doesn’t let the fuel atomize correctly and mix with the air causing poor performance and poor efficiency. Having a Major Fuel Injection Service performed every 30,000 miles will keep the fuel injectors spraying correctly. The Major Fuel Injection Service will also keep the intake throttle body, idle air control valve, intake valves and even the EGR system clean. When the engine is running efficiently, the catalytic converters don’t have to work as hard to clean up the emissions and will make the converter last even longer.

Every Gasoline engine has spark plugs. The job of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel and air inside the combustion chamber. Over time the spark plug will wear out and the gap will widen causing the spark to not ignite the fuel and air mixture completely. You can experience a rough acceleration or misfire at times. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to replace the spark plugs and other ignition components. Every manufacturer sets the spark plug replacement time and mileage interval. Look in your owners manual or contact your favorite Service Center to find out when to replace the spark plugs.

The engine air filter and fuel filters also need to be inspected and replaced when dirty. The engine air filter has a very big job to do, filtering all of the air that comes into the engine. That is a lot of air!  As the filter does its job, it starts to restrict the air flowing into the engine. A dirty air filter can hurt your fuel economy and power. A dirty fuel filter restricts the flow of fuel to the engine and when the demand for power is increased, there is not enough fuel flow to support the power demanded. A restricted fuel filter will also cause electric fuel pump failure. It makes the electric fuel pump work really hard to push the fuel past the filter, the fuel pump gets hot and fails. Some vehicles do not have a serviceable fuel filter so ask your favorite Service Center, next time you are in, if the fuel filter can be replaced.

For more information on Being Green, visit the Askpatty Be Green website.

If you have questions about taking care of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and take care of your vehicle needs.

Medford Automotive
4642 Table Rock Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Mar. 5, 2013 from Medford Automotive

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip from Medford Automotive

Question: What is a Timing Belt and why does it need to be replaced?Timing Belt Medford Automotive

This is a great question to ask, especially when you want to take care of your vehicle.  The Timing Belt is a special belt that most over head camshaft engines use to turn the camshafts to open and close the valves at the right time. If the valves don’t open and close at the right time, the engine will not perform as designed and if the belt breaks, it could cause the valves to collide with the piston! Not a good thing, in case you were wondering! The Picture to the right is showing the Timing Belt. The serpentine belt has been removed and the timing belt covers have been removed to inspect this belt that has failed.


The Timing Belt is designed to operate dependably under normal driving conditions. Each manufacture has the recommended replacement mileage posted in the owners maintenance manual, and this is when it is recommended to replace the timing belt so it will not fail and cause more damage. Some vehicle owners can anticipate replacing the Timing Belt as early as 60,000 miles, others at 90,000 miles to 120,000 miles. Get to know your vehicle and when the Timing Belt is recommended. If you purchased your vehicle used, you may not know when it was last replaced or if it was ever replaced. Requesting the service records is always helpful but sometimes they are just not available.


Timing Belt Audi Medford Automotive

So what do you do when you have no idea when the timing belt was last replaced and the mileage on the vehicle is over the recommended replacement?  Get it inspected! An experienced Technician will be able to inspect your vehicle and by removing the needed covers to see the belt, they will be able to show you the condition of your belt and if it has ever been replaced. They will not be able to tell you when it was replaced, just if it looks like it was replaced. From that information, they will recommend the best mileage to replace the belt and keep your vehicle’s engine running strong!

If you have questions about caring for your car, come see the service team at Medford Automotive and let our family take care of yours!

Medford Automotive Service Center
4642 Table Rock Rd
Medford/Central Point, OR 97502
We are located between Biddle Rd and Vilas

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Jan. 15, 2013 from Medford Automotive

And now it is time for your Tuesday Tune-Up Tip from Medford Automotive

Why is it that every time I take my car in for an Oil Change, the guy always shows me that tray of fluids and says something to the effect, “they need to be changed” now? I just had some fluids changed last service at a different shop! What do I need to do?

It is very common to have fluid dip trays in the quick lube and other service type shops. They want to give you a visual condition report of the fluids in your vehicle with the goal of selling you one of the many services they offer. The problem is you just had some fluid services performed at a different shop! All lube shops keep track of the past recommendations they have made and when a recommended service is performed, they cross it off the list until a certain mileage and then they recommend it again. Since you had the service done at a different shop, the lube shop still has it on the recommended list! Even worse, is when they don’t even check the fluid and make the recommendation anyway! If they did check it, they would have seen that is was not needed.

Every vehicle on the road today has fluids that need to be serviced from time to time. Each manufacture has a recommended mileage or time that certain fluids need to be replaced in order to maintain the vehicle. When you have a new vehicle, the dealership will insist that you bring the vehicle back to them to have the factory recommended services performed or else your warranty will be void. The truth is, your warranty will only be void if you fail to do the services when recommended. The Services have to be done in the recommended way with the correct fluids being used. You ARE NOT Required to return to the dealership.

Remember, the manufacturer of the vehicle has a warranty that they are required to honor as long as the consumer does the needed services on time. The goal of the manufacturer is to have a vehicle that will not break down until it is out of warranty. We now have fluids that the manufacturer says is a lifetime fluid and does not need to be serviced unless there is a problem. My word of caution here is to understand nothing mechanical will last forever if it is not taken care of. Just because it is a “lifetime service fluid” does not mean that you “never” have to service it.

When a vehicle is serviced at Medford Automotive, we perform a Safety and Maintenance Inspection that allows us to check the condition of the fluids on your vehicle. We can also see when the manufacturer has recommended the fluid to be replace. If your vehicle is under warranty, we will recommend it based on the mileage first and then on the actual condition. Some times fluids get dirty before the manufacturer recommends them to be serviced. Our job is to properly inspect and recommend services that your vehicle needs to keep it running strong without breakdowns. We want to be your choice for all your automotive needs, knowing we care about you and your vehicle. Let our family take care of yours!

If you have questions about any services your car or truck needs, feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

Medford Automotive
4642 Table Rock Rd


Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Jan. 8, 2013 from Medford Automotive

And now it is time for your Tuesday Tune-Up Tip from Medford Automotive!

Today we would like to share some tips with you on Warning Lights!  Can you guess the most common warning light to come on in cars today?  The Low Fuel Light! Of coarse that is right because none of us like running out of gas on the side of the road! So you know that when that light comes on, its is time to find a gas station and fill up, right?

When you first turn the key on in your car or truck, all the warning lights go thought a light check and then as the system checks out okay, the lights all go off. So we know that when a light stays on and does not go out, it is telling us that we have a problem. If the Red Brake Light stays on, you might want to see if the parking brake is still applied.

So what should you do if you see a light stay on or come on when driving? It is best to open the owners manual and find the warning light section, find the emblem that is lit on the dash and identify what it is. Some cars and trucks will also give you messages on the dash display that will say, Oil Change Service or Service Four Wheel Drive. It is always nice to have those messages pop up just as you are taking off on a trip!

When a light is on, it indicates a problem that the computer system has found. If your owners manual indicates it is time to take the vehicle to the dealer, bring it on in to your favorite Service Center, Medford Automotive! The system will need to be inspected and this is where it can get confusing for the customer. The process that we must go through is different for every vehicle and every system. The time it takes to identify the problem is also varied by the system and vehicle. Our job is to diagnose the problem and give you our recommendation of  the best way to fix the problem and keep the light out!

Most Dealerships will have a flat fee just to look at the vehicle but here at Medford Automotive, we have Four Levels of Inspection. The first is a 50 Point Safety and Maintenance Inspection that is included with any of our services. Next is a Level 1 Diagnosis that is usually used for more simple problems, then Level 2 Diagnosis is our most common. 90% of the time our techs will find the problem with the Level 2 Diagnosis or less. The last, Level 3 Diagnosis gives the tech the time that is needed to find really difficult problems or if there are multiple problems that seem to be all related. We want to make the Diagnostic charges reasonable for all of our customers because it is the first step to finding the right fix for the problem. Happy customers and happy cars are our goal!

If you have more questions about warning light that are on in your vehicle, don’t hessitate to give us a call or stop by, we want to be of service to you and your family! That is why our slogan is: Let our family take care of yours!

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Jan. 1, 2013 from Medford Automotive

And now it is time for your Tuesday Tune-Up Tip from Medford Automotive!

Happy New Year Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Fans! What a year 2012 was for all of us. It is amazing all that can happen in one year and now it is time to make 2013 YOUR YEAR! Medford Automotive is here to help you make it a great year that you will remember. How are we going to do that you ask? Well, you count on your car or truck to get you from home to work, kids to school, shopping, sports and everything in between, right? So how we plan to help is by relieving the stress involving your car or truck.

Many of us would just love to go down to the dealership and buy that new car or truck but don’t want to have payments! Others that still have payments don’t want to increase their monthly expenses! So how do you keep your car or truck running strong without breaking down or breaking the bank? Get a dedicated automotive service provider like Medford Automotive!

Do you know what a dedicated automotive service provider is? It is simply the one automotive business that you depend on for all of your automotive service and repair needs! It is like the family doctor that knows everyone in your family and takes care of the whole family! So the car doctors at Medford Automotive want to be your choice in caring for your family vehicles.

How does this help you? Over the past years, we have been privileged to care for many families and their cars. We learn about the needs and conditions of each vehicle. We keep a close eye on safety items, maintenance items and we prevent breakdowns! When your car was new, it only needed the simple Oil Change Services and Scheduled Services to keep the warranty valid. When the vehicle is out of warranty, it is commonly neglected. It doesn’t get all the services it should be getting and then breakdowns happen. We want to prevent breakdowns by keeping you informed of services your car needs, not just what the manufacture recommends.

Why change the spark plugs when they are not worn out? Why replace the timing belt when it isn’t time? If a fluid is in good condition, why change it? We are the eyes that see vehicles every day and we know when something is not looking right. That is when we can advise you and help you prepare for the services your car or truck will need. Planning is an important part of caring for your car or truck, you don’t need surprise repair bills!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the choice for a better, more dependable car this year. Medford Automotive is here to take care of you and your family. Let our family take care of your family!

Tuesday Tune-Up Tip Dec.11, 2012 from Medford Automotive

It’s time for your Medford Automotive Tuesday Tune-Up Tip for December 11, 2012

Customers at Medford Automotive ask: What is so important about the fuel filter?

Every vehicle on the road today has a fuel filter. It’s job is to filter the fuel, gas or diesel, before it enters the fuel injectors or injection pump. Over time the fuel filter will become restricted as it filters out dirt and will stress the fuel pump. In the shop at Medford Automotive, we see many fuel pump failures that could have been prevented by replacing the fuel filter and by not running low on fuel.

Let’s assume your car needs to have the fuel filter replaced every 30,000 miles and your cars fuel economy is 25 mpg. 30,000 miles divided by 25 mpg equals 1,200 gallons of fuel filtered! Older vehicles will filter more fuel because of the return style fuel system, newer vehicles us a return-less fuel system and the fuel filter doesn’t have to work as hard. Each manufacturer has a recommended interval for replacement so look in your owners manual or check with your favorite service center. When choosing to replace the fuel filter, be sure to get an OE quality filter. Installing a low quality fuel filter is not recommended. Not all fuel filters are the same. The fuel filter has a material that filters out particles, good filters will clean better and can clean a greater volume of fuel before it becomes restricted and needs to be replaced.

When you have questions about your car, truck or SUV, don’t hesitate to call us, we are here to help you keep your vehicle on the road with out breakdowns or major repair bills. Let our family take care of yours!

Breathe Deep With Your Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter?

Bad air quality while you’re driving around Central Point is nothing to sneeze at. But seriously, more and more vehicles these days come equipped with a cabin air filter. Since they’re fairly new on the scene, a lot of folks don’t know about them yet.

These filters clean the air in the passenger compartment, or cabin, of your car or truck. They do the same job as the furnace filter you have at home. They can filter out particles as small as thee microns. By contrast, a grain of sand is about 200 microns.

So your cabin air filer can clean out dust, pollution, pollen and spores, to keep the air in your car nice and clean. And just like your furnace filter, they need to be replaced when they get dirty. Check your owner’s manual, but they typically need to be replaced at around twelve to fifteen thousand miles.

The filter is usually either under the hood or under the dashboard. Some are a little tricky to get to, so you’ll want to have your Medford Oregon service center, Medford Automotive, take care of replacing them.

As we said, many people don’t realize they have a cabin air filter and go to their shop complaining about a funky smell in the ventilation system. It turned out to be a cabin air filter that was long overdue for replacement – really dirty and starting to smell. A quick replacement and they were on their way and smelling fine.

People who are allergy sensitive can really benefit from a cabin air filter, as it keeps allergens to a minimum. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to stay on top of your filter replacement schedule.

Of course if you do a lot of driving in dusty or polluted conditions, you’ll need to change your cabin air filter more often.

Following Recommended Service Intervals For Your sedan

Following Recommended Service Intervals

If you’re reading this article in Medford Oregon, then you probably care about your car and how it runs. You know following recommended service intervals will help your car last longer too. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your service technician tells you the manufacturer recommends some additional service. Your heart beats a little faster, your blood pressure rises. You worry about spending more money than you expected.

Contact Medford Automotive in Medford Oregon by calling 5416643860

And you worry that if you say “no”, you might be harming your car or compromising safety.

At the risk of sounding like your dad, you really should have done your homework. All of this stuff is in your owner’s manual. But it is not like you want to keep your maintenance schedule on your nightstand for bedtime reading.

Cars are complicated machines and it takes care to keep them running well. That is why manufacturers have maintenance schedules that explain how to keep your vehicle performing efficiently and prevent costly break downs. In a typical owners manual you’ll find: oil change, brake fluid and pad change, coolant system service, transmission service, battery electrolyte levels, cables and terminals, tire pressure and wear, CV boots, cabin air filter, air conditioning, heater, fuel filter, air filter, belts and hoses, power steering fluid, differential service, fuel system cleaning, and wheel alignment. And then there are mechanical service requirements like timing belt changes, valve adjustment, steering function, engine and exhaust leaks – yeah, it is a really long list!

Fortunately, this isn’t a test: You don’t need to have it memorized. Your service center at Medford Automotive has access to your manufacturer’s recommendations. So do not be surprised when your technician at Medford Automotive reminds you something is due. Your manufacturer has taken great care in putting together your maintenance schedule. Let Medford Automotive help you stay on top of important maintenance. You can expect them to suggest recommended services and tell you what problems they find under the hood. We’ll also explain how urgent these services are so you can work them into your budget.